All About Affiliate Marketing Website – What Makes A Good Affiliate Marketing Website

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I have seen enough affiliate marketing websites that doesn’t quite make the grade.

- Pitch, pitch, and pitch some more for the sale

- Bombard you with features giving a hint how this would benefit you

- Almost link-less

And if any or all of the above describes your affiliate marketing website, understand that I’m not trying to trash you in any way. Put it this way instead: your website is not reaching its full potential.

It’s about time to change it…and turn it into a powerful money making machine.

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Grab your pen and paper and be ready to take down notes.

Mistake 1: Pitch, Pitch, And Pitch Some More For The Sale An affiliate marketing website’s job is to sell, right?

Wrong! That’s the job of the merchant’s website. A lot of affiliate marketers have been caught in this kind of thinking – they have to sell…sell really hard and bag that sale.

An affiliate website’s duty is to PRE-sell. That is to arm the reader…the potential customer with facts and figures about a certain product or service so they can make informed decisions.

Think about it, would you believe in the credibility of someone – the information he’s giving you, if he’s almost shoving the product in your face?

In a word, no - you’d definitely think that somehow he’s bending some facts just to get you to buy. You’d think that he’s trying to make money at your expense.

So instead of hard-selling on your affiliate website, be more of like a newscaster – unbiased and looks at both sides of the coin.

Mistake 2: Bombard You With Features Giving A Hint How These Would Benefit You “This GPS unit has Street-level City Navigator Maps.”

How on earth can these Street-level City Navigator Maps help me? You see, affiliate websites, which focus on the features, fails to answer the question: “How…how will this certain feature benefit me?”

You want to make it as easy as it is for your readers so they can click on the “Buy Now” button faster. You don’t want to leave your readers thinking what they’d get out of a feature.

Let’s turn the feature-centered phrase above into benefit-centered phrase:

“Travel with the confidence that you’ll know every twist and turn along the way with this GPS’s Street-Level City Navigator Maps.”

Hits all the buttons and answers the questions what and how. You want to fill your affiliate website with benefits-centered phrases like that.

Mistake No 3: Almost Link-Less After reading through your affiliate website, you want your reader to leave your page…going straight to the merchant’s website and make the purchase.

Now- how is this poor customer going to get there if you don’t have links spread all over your page?!

You sure don’t want to scroll down all the way and look for that dot-sized graphic that says: “Click here”. You’d rather type in the merchant’s URL than strain your eyes.

Guess what? Your readers are no different. They’re lazy…and they want to transact as stress-free as they can. Your affiliate marketing website should be ready to cater to those conditions.

There are many more ways to turn around a dry affiliate marketing website to a mini-ATM machine. But get these 3 fixed and going…you’re sure to raise your conversions to heights you never thought possible!

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