Google Adsense on Your Web Site - Should you?

This page is about the argument whether or not you should have Google Adsense on your web site, If that web site’s sole proposal is to sell your product or affiliate products on it.

As an affiliate marketer with some considerable experience, 4 years, It tickles me to still see competitor affiliate sites running Google Adsense on there. It gives me grate pleasure, in targeting there pages that they have worked hard to get high page ranking on the search engines, Only to have a tow rag competitor affiliate marketer like me come along and grab their targeted traffic from under their nose.

For all Affiliate Marketers who use (PPC) Pay Per Click

You will most likely know about Google Adwords Content Placement. But for those who don't let me explain a little before I get into WHY it's not such a good thing if you are running Google Adsense on your web site.

What are placements? Placements are an advanced and optional feature of an Adwords campaign. A placement is any web site or subset of pages or Google Adsense units on a site, where you'd like to see your ads appear. Placements affect your advertising only on the content network.

If you want your ads to appear on placements, start by enabling the content network in your campaign settings page. And choose your placements.

It can be devastating to your web site if you run Google Adsense on it. Getting traffic to your web site is and always will be a time consuming job. Some site owners use Adwords (Pay per Click campaigns) to advertise their site to bring in the visitors. AND at the same time run Adsense Code on their sites to make a few dollars.

You mite well think What's wrong with that. Ok for the sake off, let me put it into stories and you will understand WHY you get cents for a Adsense adds on your site(s) (when a visitor clicks away from your site) vi an Adsense ad. And why the advertiser who placed the ad on your site could make dollars.

Ok the stories go like this using 2 email conversations, The first is an Adwords advertiser and a user of Adsense on their site(s).

The second is a savvy internet Affiliate Marketer who uses Adwords PPC BUT dose not use Adsense on his/her Web Site(s). Please remember theses are fiction emails and are not real.

Hi Google. I'm a advertiser of yours and i have a complaint. Last month i spent $200 on advertising on your pay per click network. Although i received 200 visitors to my site, not one converted to a paying customer? Although I can see from my Adsense stats that I made $20.00 from my site so that's something to be happy about at most.

The Reply: from Google. Hi Sorry you are not happy with the Adwords service we give you, But we are not responsible for the quality of your content found on your web site. However if you spend some time split testing copies of your landing page and make sure your ad copy is relevant to your keywords we are sure you could increase your click though rate and reduce the costs of your ad's.

This can also result in many more targeted visitors to your site. Also the more relevant your ad's , landing page and keywords are to the searches the better click rates and cheaper your ad's will be.


Sound's good, Google are doing the best to help you with your campaigns keep it relevant to your web Site and sky's the limit.

The reply back to Google. One month later. Thanks for your help it's starting to work since I put your suggestions into action.

This month for my $200 I received 350 clicks to my site and I am happy to say I had 2 conversion, 2 paying customer, and my Adsense earnings doubled this month thanks to your add targeting the addsense adds are so much more targeted to my content and people are clicking my adds so much more. Thanks so much for your help.

The Savvy Marketer E-Mail to Google. Hi Google. Let me congratulate you on your superb Adwords and Adsense network. Just the other day when I was placing my ad's I did a search for my keywords and to my surprise 5 listing's in your top ten were running Adsense on their sites.

And even more surprisingly was, 2 of the sponsored adds for the same keyword I will be targeting also are running Adsense on their Sites too. So not only am I getting clicks from the search network and your partners I am also targeting my competitors web sites right down to the very page they are paying to advertise on your Adwords network I just can not believe my luck..

And as for the organic search results I am also targeting their Adsense on the very page they are ranking high in the results, for the keywords I am targeting with my Adwords Campaign.

Of cause this made me realize that I must never run your ad's CODE on any of my own sites or savvy Marketers like me would target my pages too.

I have worked hard to get in the top search results for my keywords, and my hours of work building and finding back links. I don't want anyone who uses Adwords Advertising to also target my site and take my visitor traffic.

So I have decided to remove all my Google Adsense Code from my high performing sites. It's just not worth the few dollars I get from you. All the best The Savvy Marketer.

Reply Back From Google.


Savvy Marketer. Please don't let the cat out of the bag on this one. We make a lot of money on the way we have set up the Advertising networks and as you have worked out we can pretty much make double the money. Sometimes 3 times the money.

First we make money from the Adwords Advertiser, once someone clicks thorough to their Site. Then if they are not so savvy and they are running Google Adsense code on their site we will make more money from the advertiser who's paying for the adds to appear on that web site, if the visitor leaves their web site vir an Google Adsense add. Nice Hay!

That's why we came up with the Content Placement, Once all the Savvy Adwords users figure out that they can steal traffic from any competitors web site by targeting their Google Adsense placements, Odds on we are going to make even more money if the visitor leaves vir one of the Google Adsense links. we get paid again absolute genius don't you think?

And for those who run Google Adsense on their high ranking keyword sites. It's just a policy we have. If we pay you a few Dollars and make hundreds of dollars from their hard work, Well we're not forcing them to embed the Adsense Code on their Site, and we do pay them. Google Adsense TOS

Well as long as they do not brake the TOS. As I said please don't let it out, by the time the millions figure it all out we would have made even more Billions. Thanks The Google Team.

Google TOS. The most important parts In short.

1. you will not advertise your web site on any traffic surfing sites. We will ban your account no questions asked.

2. You will not encourage anyone to actively click on your adds ? ( What’s the point of advertising then ( It goes against every known marketing trick, to have a advertisement that you don’t want anyone to click on. Twats comes to mind.

3. You will not advertise your site on any link exchanges.

There are lots more stuff you are not allowed to do when running addsense code on your site, so if you do I would read through it top to bottom.