My Wealthy Affiliate Member Journey

This is my story, and my wealthy affiliate member journey

Way back in 2004 and pretty much disillusioned with the world I lived in, I wanted something better. Abetter life, abetter income, and most of all to be my own boss with plenty of time for myself and family. Luky for me I found and joined and became a wealthy affiliate member

I knew it was possible to earn a living on the internet, because there where hundreds if not thousands of business already on the internet, bringing up Google I typed in (internet business how to start one).

Google came back with a staggering 16,000,000 + results and I bet that number would be higher theses days. Well just like most, I started with the top listing and made my way thorough the sites, after about the 7th web site visited, making notes as I went I noticed lot’s of fancy banner adverts, learn how I make 25,000 a month online.

Before long I had given my email address out to get all sorts of free ebooks and reports, and that’s when the email storm started. It was like being on a slippery slope with no where to gain a foot hold. If only I had found and becom a wealthy affiliate member sooner it would have stoped my mail box exploding.

Within a few months I had spent more then $3,000.00 on allsorts of pie in the sky work from home crap promising fantastic returns if I followed their instructions.

At this time I had never thought about becoming a wealthy affiliate member let alone knew anything about affiliate marketing.

But every time I would end up on some web site, and then end up on another just by following the links, I would be sent to one site then on to a another.

But the last site I ended upon would be the site I could buy the product from, didn’t matter what it was always at the bottom of the page there would be a link that said AFFILIATES.

The day I clicked that link was the day my luck changed. I had just found out that I could earn up to 75% commission just for introducing someone to the product, and if they brought the product I could be in for $104.65 commission payment. And the best thing was I didn’t need to buy the product(s) to partake in this money for old rope payout.

Yahoo,, I thought ( not the search engine) How hard can this be? Turns out it can be very hard when you have no clue what you are doing. For one I had absolutely no idea how to build a web site, not the type and quality I was use to landing on anyways.

I needed 2 things to make this work.

1. A good web site with good quality content reviews that was believable, plus the skill to pull this off.

2. The skill and know how of an wealthy affiliate member. I needed to know where I could get access to all theses companies who where willing to let me make a commission from recommending their products, Well I can report that it didn’t take long, there’s thousands.

But the problem was the top branded companies are very particular who they let loose with their brand. You need to go thorough a second party, and signup with them unfortunately that’s no easy task. The first thing they want to see is your web site. No web site no go.

So this narrows it down a little there are lot’s of unbranded companies out there that will allow you affiliation with them, and some big boys who run their own affiliate management system. But the fact remained I still needed a good web site and learn the skills needed to build one.

I had come across 2 things on my search for the answers to my problems take note I have underlined the latter for a reason, people’s problems are your profits I will underline that too People’s problems are your profit

People search for solutions to their problems Just like me I had a problem that was holding me back.

And guess who solved that problem for me? A wealthy affiliate member The web runs on affiliate power, let’s take a company like Dell Computers, They advertise on the T.V They send stuff through the post, and they only sell online.

So what would a company like dell want with a bunch of affiliate marketers?. One top wealthy affiliate member on average can sell 5,10,15,20 computers a week. Now times that by thousands of affiliates per week. It’s like having thousands of sales employees working for free only when you direct someone to a sale do you get paid.

The key is you need to be in that top affiliate arena, and to get there you need to learn how. So this is how after a long search and lot’s of scepticism I finely broke the chattels of the gurus and have never looked back.

It was a long time coming but here it is my story of broke and dismayed to earning on average $ 7,500.00 a month. Note the on average at special times of the year double that easily.

Two things changed my life and I’m going to share them with you. I really started making my money around 18months ago after 2 and a bit years of trying all the crap the gurus sold me on, and with my scepticism at a all time high I finely thought to myself what the hell if this don’t work I’m out of here.

Around 3 months prier to first discovering theses two gems I had dismissed them out of hand telling myself it’s not going to work it’s just more scams and a waste of more money. The first program was Solo Build It, SBI for short. It’s a web company ran by a business man called Ken Evoy it’s also known as sitesell, This site is being built with Solo Build It.

Anyone with no knowledge what so ever can build a crowd pulling web site with all the flute’s and whistle’s. And have that web site in around two - six months start to bring in a high monthly income. The very web site you are on now is being built with Solo Build It did i alredy say that? and it is only a fraction of what can be done with Solo Build It even with no type of passed web site building experience.

The second program that liberated me from the gurus, was becoming a wealthy affiliate member

How would you like to have the combined experience of top earning supper affiliates at your beck and call day in day out teaching you all the do’s and dont's of affiliate marketing?.

Not so sure still feeling a little scepticism?, Well don’t this is for real.

This is life changing stuff at it’s best. The wealthy affiliate was created by 2 student mates who seemed to have a lot of time, but not a grate deal of money at that time. They needed just like most in that situation some sort of income to get by on until they finished university.

Little did they know just what a life changing road they had just set out on. With little knowledge of affiliate marketing and PPC Advertising and a long struggle ahead , piece by piece the jigsaw puzzle slowly started to revile a earning potential that could easily in time match the highest paid professions. I also enjoy that now, being a wealthy affiliate member