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Bumming It The Wealthy Affiliate way.

This is to save you from the hell you will find yourself in if you don’t listen to reason and get smart.

Read this entire tutorial or story, dependent on how you see. if you want to save yourself from total burnout from trying to earn money online.

A 4 Week Affiliate Campaign to kick start it and a six month plan to dominate a niche, Bum Marketing Style.

I assume you are interested in the finer art of affiliate marketing, and for some reason you have finely been pulled towards affiliate marketing. and hopefully you have found my web site before the gurus have had chance to get their hands on your credit card, and leave you broke or near dam it with their promises of instant internet riches.

If you have been surfing the web for work from home, make money online opportunities you will most probably remember the first web site you happened upon with a head line that went something like this

( "Start Making Up To $469.17 A Day (and more), Without Leaving Your Home…)

It’s a sad truth but desperate people eventually start to believe this hype and start spending money they can not really afford to spend on this type of work from home opportunity crap.

If they only knew what work is rally involved and how much time it takes to promote that type of web site for real, they would have never gone near it in the first place.

My names Steve, Admin of this site and a full time professional affiliate marker, I am also a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University. I’m about to explain to you, just how much work is involved in making a living online, Once you have read this Bum Marketing Tutorial, then hopefully you will stay away from that type of web site, get smart and see them for what they are.

You are about to read more truth then you could get out of the gurus even if you where to pay them a $1000,00 for a work at home tutorial.

This is a typical 5 day working week for me as a professional affiliate marketer.Lets start from finding something to promote.

Bum Marketing Week one.Monday morning 9am start.I turn on my computer in my home office, first thing I do is check my emails, and answer any that I need to, this normally takes me a bout a hour.

10am I take a break and think about what my next affiliate campaign will be about, I fancy something in the video gaming market, I know online gamming is a hot topic but which game to go for? I ask myself a few questions, like what online games have micro niches I can drill down into. Time to take a visit to Amazon to checkout the best sellers on computer, video games and books.

World of warcraft looks interesting, I need to dig deeper. I hit the tab, Shop all departments, and type in the search box world of warcraft. On the left I see 118 books written on WOW, books don’t get published unless there’s a big market for that subject. A quick look at the listing tells me there is a market for wow guides, but which one? What’s the big seller online? I’ve finished at Amazon for now.

It’s time to head over to some wow fan forums. A quick search in Google (forums = keyword world of warcraft) brings me back 487,000 results time to hit the first 4 pages of results.This is going to take a while, the rest of the day I’m going to research forums to see if I can pin down a common problem that I can solve with a product. It’s 5pm end of my day and I have found some interesting stuff out about what is frustrating wow online players the most. It seems next to making gold character levelling is the next biggest frustration.

Bum Marketing Page2

Get Your Professional Wealthy Affiliate Career Started Now.

Get Your Professional Affiliate Career Started Now

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