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Tuesday morning 9am.

Ok Amazon has a lot of guides but the prices are cheep and there don’t seem to be any directly relating to levelling character glasses, I thought about promoting a gold making guide but the competition is high, and the character levelling micro niche is a good topic to start testing the ground. Going to take a look in click-bank. Bingo lots of guides related to wow, in fact just about every subject in world of warcraft that any player needs to know.

But from my research in the forums tells me that the hot subject is gold making, but the competition is high, so I want something to do with character levelling so that’s my target guide for buyers. A little searching and I have found the perfect product character levelling guide, in fact the same vendor covers both sides of the coin. Alliance And Horde character guides, this means I can cut my promotion in half, I can promote both Alliance And Horde character guides in the same articles I write, and when I’m ready to use PPC marketing I can hit both player types in the same ad.

2pm Need to start and get some good phrase keywords. I’m first going to go the bum way for testing, it takes a little longer but it‘s a lot safer this way, I’m going to use affiliate prophet tracking to track my articles at keyword level.

I don’t want to be wasting money on Adwords at this stage to find the converting keywords, or split testing landing pages and products for the buying crowd. I want to dwindle down the keywords for the converting ones, my aim is to make money not lose it on Adwords.

5pm end of day. I have 400 keywords that I found with Market Samurai, Now I need to sort them out, I need the best 10 to start with and keep the rest for the future should the campaign turn out to be a good one.

Bum Marketing Page3

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