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Bum Marketing The Wealthy Affiliate Way

9am Wednesday morning.

I’m now going to run my keywords in Googles free keywords tool to get some idea of monthly search volume for the UK and the USA. It’s not dead accurate but it gives me a starting point to aim at.

I have emailed the vendor to ask for conversion rates which he should let me know. Soon as he replies to me I can workout the best keyword search volume against the conversion rate of the sales page, it‘s a numbers game. If the conversion rate of the merchants sales page is 1.4 then that gives me some idea of how much traffic I need to drive to my landing page or direct linking to the sales page.

I need this data to make my final choice for my top ten keywords to use. Ok 5 hours later and I have all my keywords with there relative search volumes attached in notepad. First I ran them with the U.K monthly search volume and then with the USA monthly searches, and added them together. These are the two countries I am aiming my campaign at.

2pm time for a break, I’m now pretty certain on the keywords I am going to use, the top three anyway for the bum marketing campaign, they have fantastic monthly search volumes and fit nicely with the product and the buying crowd, but I won’t know if they are converters until after some testing. Now I need to search the keywords in the 3 major search engines, because I am using bum marketing and SEO for my initial testing I want to check the competition I will be up against.

Ok the first 2 are dismal

It will take a long time to get a first page placements in the 3 majors with my main 2 keywords, but the good news is my number 3 as only 16,000 competing pages on Google and less on the other 2, a little high but workable all the same.

Tomorrow I am going to start on my landing page and checkout a domain name for this campaign, I could use free sites like Squidoo or hub-pages but I have a good feeling about this and I don’t want the trackers to work out what my campaign is about.

I will Just quickly explain what trackers are, they are vermin plain and simple, the more success you have online with your affiliate campaigns the more you will attract unwanted fans, what do they do you may ask. Simple they track and watch your PPC ads, your articles, landing pages for changes you make, and anything else they can track you on. And then steel your hard work and compete against you with your own campaign set-up. So here is a trick to help you hide, use lots of pen names for your articles.

Register domain names in members of your family or pay that little extra for privacy. Anything you can do to hide yourself helps. If you do use free sites to host your landing page like Squidoo lens or hub-page use a different signup for each page or lens you make. 20 + lenses on the same topic or product with the same user name is a dead giveaway.

2-30pm time to check my e-mail box. Grate the vendors replied with the info, I asked for, he tells me that his sales page is converting at 1.5, that’s 5 out of every 100 buy, but don’t take that for certain, that only happens if you send 100% targeted traffic to the sales page, this is why it’s much better to pre-sell the product on your own landing page, it cuts out the dead wood and only those that are ready to buy move thorough your affiliate link to the sales page.

Ok going to spend the rest of the day working out the figures, I now have 14 keywords that I am going to target, this includes the 3 main ones I was playing with. All 14 keywords for the UK market combined total 68,890. The USA market total is 313,000. I added them together and deducted 30% from that figure for other affiliates researching those keywords, that gives me 267,323 possible buyers.

I know I’m not going to get all that traffic Bum Marketing right away, so now I am going to estimate how much I could reasonably get with a months solid campaign.

I estimate 5% 0f that traffic, 13,366 now I will deduct another 20% for any dead wood, 10,692 dived that by the conversion rate of the product sales page = 506 buyers if highly targeted. Ok now I know I’m not going to drive 506 buyers in one month with bum marketing, so I need to break it down even more.

I am aiming for 1% of that figure = around 5 sales in the first month of my campaign. Now I need to workout just how many articles I need to put out there to achieve that.

I could just use the top article directories for this but I know that this then would take a while to get my landing page indexed + clime to the top of the search results, so I will use UAW for my main article campaign and back that up with articles submitted to the top article directories. I know using the unique article wizard just one article will give me around 500 unique ones + the ones I will submit to the top directories.

So estimating that I will get around 10 clicks a day on the low end to my landing page, that will give me around 200 clicks a month = 2 sales a month I need 4 a week over 7 days at the very least, so that’s 400 clicks a week, so the amount of articles I need to put out there is 80 a month 2.6 articles a day, round that up to 3. = 75 clicks a week from 3 articles submitted a day = 930 for the first month.

Now if you workout that this is a snowball affect, and you concentrate on one niche crowd, with a little hard work and the right tracking tools after a few months you should have data and the money to start a profitable Adwords campaign without fear of losing money to start with.

Hope that all made sense to you up there, The maths don’t need to be spot on for bum marketing to work, you only need to be dedicated at getting the articles out there.

Thursday 9am. It’s time to start putting in the real work now. I’m starting work on my landing page, this will take me around 4 hours to complete the design and find the graphics I will use for the page.

And the rest of the day I will work on the content, for the pre-sell and add one or two backup products for the mix. It’s imperative that the landing page looks good, theses are video game players, so they are use to seeing lot’s of good atmospheric gaming type web sites, so it is important I try to carry this through on my landing page. If I get this wrong it can mean the difference between traffic staying 1 second or checking my landing page out with interest to click through to the sales page.

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