Clickbank Domination

Clickbank Domination

I have known about the release of clickbank domination for some time now and have been excited about it ever since. I have seen some of the product and the package looks amazing. However when these sort of products are released there is always alot of hype and buzz so I am going to discuss whether it's worth the money.

let's first look at what it's about and then I will tell you if it's really worth the money or not...

Clickbank bonus domination is split up into two sections.

The 1st component of clickbank domination shows you how to make excellent and relevant bonuses for people that buy through your affiliate link.

After you know how to create your own bonuses you will move onto component 2 which is actually a script that actually does all the work for you by sending your buyers their bonuses automatically after they have purchased.

As soon as the customer has purchased whatever you are promoting they will be able to access the bonus without you doing anything, they will also be added to your autoresponder series if you wish so you can build a list of buyers!

Building your list of people that have bought from you can be the most effective way to make a living online. These are proven buyers that will buy from you again if you send them good information and good product offers. When you have a list of buyers you you can make a lot of money from even a small amount of people.

So those two components together make up clickbank domination.

Now I am going to talk about whether clickbank bonus domination is worth the price tag.

The short answer is YES. Now for a bit more detail

I have actually tested the methods taught in cbd many times. What I mean is that I have promoted a product as an affiliate on adwords and I sent 1000 clicks to my presell page. It converted at around 0.8% which is not bad as I was making a profit. But when I added a bonus for the product and sent another 1000 clicks it converted at nearly 3%! So offering a bonus made me a lot of money.

But in my tests there were problems!

After I had made the sale I then had to sit around waiting for emails from customers so I could reply to them with their bonus. This took up my time that I could have spent reviewing products.

The great thing about clickbank bonus domination and the big reason that I am so excited about it is because it automates the whole process completely. I could leave my computer for a month and know that the script is working for me and making me money.

So to conclude and the but

Clickbank bonus domination is totally worth the money and I recommend it 100%, but it is not some get rich quick scheme. There is no product out there that will tell you how to get rich quick. Clickbank bonus domination will show you how to set up you own empire of bonus affiliate promotions that can be making you a ton of money With a bit of effort

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