Can ClickBank Replace Your Job?

Can ClickBank Replace Your Job?

I saw one of the AdSense ads showing that proudly proclaimed Affiliates: $537 per day - Quit your job with ClickBank.

Wait a minute - I hope you aren't thinking you could go quit your day job so you can be an affiliate marketer. If so, here is why I recommend that you don't:

* Affiliate marketing is volatile - You have no way of knowing where the market is going to go in six months, a year, or five years. Just because you managed to make $5,000 last month does not mean that its going to stay that way. Websites fluctuate in traffic, popularity, and relevance all the time- Ive had sites that were making $200 a day drop to less than $10 a day for seemingly no reason.

Using ClickBank

It will take work, patience, persistence, and a bit of ingenuity to ensure that your income continues to grow. Until you've got $10,000 in a bank account and all of your expenses paid, do not quit your day job. Why throw away a solid income for hopes and dreams?

* Competition is the name of the game with Affiliate Marketing. You won't even be able to tell your friends or family the name of your websites for fear of competition. Competition that will take away from your income, and when you are spending money to make money it will really cut into your profits. Affiliate Marketing can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection. Your competition will come from the other side of the world or the opposite hemisphere wherever the internet is available. Are you happy with this competition? If not, don't quit your day job.

* Affiliate marketing is fast-paced - Once you have your marketing campaigns going and the traffic starts coming in you are either going to be making money or not. There are no wait times, rest periods, of times when you can kick back and take it easy. This is a business that runs 24/7.

Having said all that, I need to fess up that I am a full time Affiliate Marketer myself I'll give you some reasons why I took up Affiliate Marketing full time:

1. It is Lucrative. No other business start-up allows you to make $500 the day you start. I've seen programs bring in over $10,000 in less than four months from a dinky little website with a few pages and images. Should you find a way to get people to buy from you then you could end up making unlimited profits.

2. Evolution is taking hold in the Affiliate Market. This business changes daily. If trying out new things to see what works and what doesn't then this may be the niche for you. You can try different marketing methods and sales techniques on a day to day basis and when you succeed, you can become the leader of the pack.

3. Affiliate Marketing is TONS of Fun. It is hard not to enjoy being able to get up when I want, run errands, get my hair cut, come home and set up new marketing programs, check my stats and grin at my bank account. The knowledge that I'm being paid to loaf really makes life interesting. Did I mention it is fun?

The reality is that an offline job is a reliable, steady income. If you are making some money as an affiliate, why not continue to supplement your offline income and grow your online income? Until it comes down to the day where youre making $8,000 or more a month online, stick to your day job.

Can ClickBank Replace Your Job?