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The Wealthy Affiliate Guide

This is the beginners guide, and is a good starting point for anyone who is not familiar with affiliate marketing. They have put together one of the most well organized "getting started" guides available online.

It consists of hundreds of hours of training materials, ebooks, guides, reports, Videos, and is designed to walk you through from beginner, intermediate to well established veteran affiliate marketer status Each module, beginner, intermediate to veteran, each comprise of well over of eight weeks of courses.

Week 1 of The Wealthy Affiliate Guide For Beginners

  1. What is Internet marketing and how does Wealthy Affiliate fit into the mix?
  2. How Wealthy Affiliate University can help
  3. Using your time wisely, understanding why Wealthy Affiliate University created these resources
  4. Benefits of WA Spaces, Jobs, and taking full advantage of the Forum
  5. How to get help when you need it.

Week 2 For Beginners Action Plan:

  1. Learn the inner workings of Internet marketing & Affiliate marketing
  2. What are Affiliate Networks and how can you leverage them?
  3. The different "types" of Internet marketing
  4. Choosing your direction
  5. How to become an expert, not a generalist
  6. Choosing an industry and product to sell online
  7. Begin understanding consumers
  8. Setting up a Pay-Per-Click advertising account

Week 3 For Beginners

  1. Understanding the importance of market & keyword research
  2. Using keyword tools 3. How to leverage your competition
  3. Understanding market research
  4. Hyper-Targeting consumers (understanding the WHY)
  5. Relevancy = Success (broad marketing vs. targeted marketing)

Week 4 For Beginners

  1. How a website will benefit you as an Internet marketer
  2. Setting-up your FREE Wealthy Affiliate University Hosting & choosing domains
  3. Using Site Rubix
  4. How to build a website
  5. Different types of webpage’s
  6. How to create landing pages that convert
  7. Using the feeder sites at Wealthy Affiliate University

Week 5 For Beginners

  1. Creating free marketing campaigns (how to structure them)
  2. Creating paid marketing campaigns
  3. Organizing your campaigns using Wealthy Affiliate University tools
  4. Creating long term income
  5. Should you become a merchant?

Week 6 For Beginners

  1. Providing quality customer service
  2. Email marketing
  3. Creating squeeze pages that convert (with examples)
  4. Which auto responder to use
  5. Effective communication skills

Week 7 For Beginners

  1. The importance of understanding results
  2. Determining the effectiveness of your campaigns
  3. How conversion tracking works
  4. Proper split testing techniques
  5. Refining campaigns
  6. Bridging campaigns between different IM techniques & platforms

Week 8 For Beginners

  1. Creating "Your" business
  2. Success lifecycle
  3. Advantages to running an Internet business
  4. Become inspired
  5. The work never ends

The Wealthy Affiliate Guide - 8 Week Training Guide

The Wealthy Affiliate University learning center

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The Wealthy Affiliate University learning center also plays a big part in your progress. Split into 3 sections it is designed for teaching across the board, those that are just getting to grips with affiliate marketing, juniors, intermediates and seniors.

The sheer amount of information available in The Wealthy Affiliate University can be very overwhelming and can cause paralysis due to analysis. The Learning Center is designed to deal with this problem as it distils the information to those that are at a particular learning level.

In particular the junior section also includes a refresher of the 8 Week Action Plan, Such is the volume of information you will be presented with.

The point of the learning center is bring you up to speed on the fine art of affiliate marketing, starting with crawling with the 8 week action plan, onto walking with the juniors learning plan then on to jogging with the intermediate learning plan and finely breaking into a fast run with the senior learning plan.

The Wealthy Affiliate Guide Continued

Learning Center For Juniors:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Internet Marketing Basics
  3. 8 Week Action Plan
  4. Penny Pincher Marketing Techniques
  5. Trading Services for Cash
  6. Article Marketing
  7. Squidoo Optimization
  8. Using Clickbank
  9. Understanding Relevance
  10. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  11. Top 10 Common Mistakes
  12. Adcopy Writing
  13. Common Keyword Technique
  14. Data Entry Case Study
  15. Using Yahoo! Search Marketing
  16. How to Setup a Website
  17. Components of a Landing Page

Learning Center For Intermediates:

  1. Website Design
  2. Landing Page Optimization
  3. Google Relevancy
  4. SEO & How to Slap Back At Google
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Performing Market Research
  7. Using WA Keyword Lists
  8. Building a Mailing List
  9. Building Opt-in Mailing Lists
  10. Quality Email Marketing Info = $

Learning Center For Senior- veterans

  1. Analyzing Data
  2. Product Development
  3. Customer Service
  4. Customer Purchase Lifecycle
  5. Writing Effective Sales Copy

$100K/year = $273.97/day = Less than 3 sales in many cases This is definitely achievable by each and every one of the members at The Wealthy Affiliate, and I would not be exaggerating in saying that $1,000,000/year is possible if you stick with it and stay focused on goal-setting and building your business.

The Wealthy Affiliate University learning center

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