Squeeze Pages
How to Get The Benefit Form Them

Squeeze Pages How to Get The Benefit Form Them

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Squeeze Pages How to Get The Benefit Form Them

Squeeze Pages How to Get The Benefit Form Them

First, I should say that there's some debate about what a squeeze page is. However, it's generally understood that a squeeze page is a page with the goal of getting only two things: the collection of prospects' personal information and permission to contact them later.

It's true that there are different and more popular methods to do all of the above. But before you start dismissing squeeze pages, you should know one thing- they're also a great marketing device.

Why do squeeze pages exist?

Squeeze pages are designed especially for these purposes. Doing any of the above things is difficult, but squeeze pages make accomplishing them a lot easier. The added bonus is that they contribute to advertising.

When it comes down to it, squeeze pages act as an extension to prospects and customers. That's what they're designed to be. If they function like they're supposed to, they can be your secret marketing weapon.

How do they collect that information?

You can't sell to prospects or customers if you don't know who they are. Squeeze pages are used to help you know exactly who you're dealing with. But how can you make the collection of information as easy as possible? Well, you can start out by offering things of value for trade. What do your prospects value? Would they appreciate reports? Software? Audio? Something else? Provide these things in exchange for their information and their permission to contact them later and they'll be sure to give you their information.

So what kind of information do squeeze pages usually request?

Ask yourself what you value when researching prospects. Do



Information uses

That should be obvious- more marketing. By providing email addresses, prospects can be put on email subscriber lists. Business owners contact them later and tell them about their businesses and what they have to offer.

The thing to remember about squeeze pages is that they act as crossroads. They're meant to help your prospects decide to stay on your website and buy products.

A great squeeze page not only keeps prospects on the website, but turns them into customers. An even better squeeze page gives you information about their behavior.

Given this, you can probably figure out that squeeze pages are great for leads.

Generating interest in your business and its products is a major component of squeeze pages, but gathering that personal information is more so.

Indeed, your squeeze page's functionality will always reflect the amount of upkeep you do. Marketing is a round-the-clock effort and you should be prepared for that.

If you're turned off by the work I just mentioned, don't be. The bulk of your marketing and research can be done at the same time you create your squeeze pages. They save you time and money that way.

Designing a squeeze page that is appealing to both your prospects and your target market is a sure-fire way to get you headed in the right direction.

Squeeze Pages How to Get The Benefit Form Them Squeeze Pages How to Get The Benefit Form Them