Niche Marketing 101 – Successful Niche Marketing For Starters Part 1

Niche marketing 101 – you sure have heard about it whether you’re just dabbling in the online money making biz or you’re a beginner to advanced internet affiliate marketer.

And not just the term niche marketing but how average Joes and Janes are making tons of money out of it!

BUT what exactly is niche marketing? And more importantly what do you do to be successful at niche marketing?

Knowing first what a niche is about is in order

Here’s a simplified definition – a niche is a small group of people looking for something very specific within a broad industry. Let’s have an example.

Let’s take a broad example first – people who are looking for dog training tips. Then we’ll drill down…

- People looking for dog obedience training tips (quite broad but getting there) - People looking for German Sheppard obedience training tips (that’s a niche!... specific) - People looking for German Sheppard puppy obedience training tips (very niche…very specific)

What niche marketing does is promote relevant products and services to these groups of people who’re looking for something specific. How to successfully do it?

Here are simple steps to get you started in the right direction which can lead to a successful niche marketing career…

Successful Niche Marketing Step 1 The first step is…(drumrolls please!)

Finding the niche. Of course, you want to determine first which hungry crowd you want to market to. And here are some places where they hang out…

    - eBay Pulse


    - Barnes and Nobles

    - Yahoo Answers

And a lot more. Once you’ve found the niche you want to market to…check out of there are any forums for these group of people then move on to step 2.

Successful Niche Marketing Step 2 Now that you’ve done your due diligence for your niche marketing campaign, let’s check out what keywords they’re typing in the engines.

Here’s how…Remember I told you to check out their forums? Chances are you’ll encounter the words or jargons that these groups of people are using. List them down and dig deeper by using a free keyword tool like Google Keyword Research Tool.

Check out which terms have less than 5000 – 1000 search results or competition.

These are the keywords that we’ll market to.

I would suggest that you nail these steps hard in the head. If it takes you 2 days of research and hanging out with these crowd – the niche, that’s ok. After that, come back here and check out Niche Marketing 101 Part 2.

Niche marketing isn’t about speed…it’s about finding the guys to promote to and being highly relevant with your campaigns.

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Niche Marketing 101 Part 2