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When you join Wealthy Affiliate University you have the chance to use your skills you may already have. Many members at the wealthy affiliate, outsource tasks and services that they require within the website through the Wealthy Affiliate Jobs feature.

Jobs at Wealthy affiliates

The Jobs feature works in the same way as freelance job sites such as GetaFreelancer.com or Elance.com where individuals looking for work can bid on the different projects posted by other individuals. The services and jobs available varies and covers almost every aspect of affiliate marketing from article writing, full website and landing page creation, php scripting writing content for sites and blog template creation, advertising, etc.

Anyone who has skills in any of these areas can earn money or have services completed through Wealthy Affiliate University Jobs. Many members use the jobs feature to cover the cost of the monthly tuition fee and more. Many members able to earn a good income along with their affiliate marketing endeavours.

The knowledge that new members bring

The knowledge that new members bring to wealthy affiliate is and always will be sort after. Unlike Elance and such others, the wealthy affiliate community trusts their own over all others, such is the closeness of the community.

A big advantage of Wealthy Affiliate Jobs over the other freelancing sites is that it is housed within the community it’s self, and once you have proven yourself and are welcomed in, you will always get the benefit of knowing the person who is ordering the service and a trust is felt from both sides. there is no longer a feeling any great risk of being ripped off and left in the leach.

To ensure everything runs well on the jobs and services front, members at Wealthy Affiliate can rate and leave comments about those they have hired or those who have hired them to complete jobs based on their performance and conduct.

Wealthy affiliate job rules

The jobs feature is another perfect example of how being a part of a community like Wealthy Affiliate University can help affiliate marketers achieve success.

It’s just another part of what’s on offer at the wealthy.

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