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Bum Marketing The Last Man Standing

Thursday 9am. It’s time to start putting in the real work now. I’m starting work on my landing page, this will take me around 4 hours to complete the design and find the graphics I will use for the page.

And the rest of the day I will work on the content, for the pre-sell and add one or two backup products for the mix. It’s imperative that the landing page looks good, theses are video game players, so they are use to seeing lot’s of good atmospheric gaming type web sites, so it is important I try to carry this through on my landing page. If I get this wrong it can mean the difference between traffic staying 1 second or checking my landing page out with interest to click through to the sales page.

Friday 9am. Another day Bum Marketing Totally happy with the landing page so it’s time to take a hour out now to go and register a domain name, I would recommend you do this, even if you are going to use the free sites for your landing page, if you come up with a good url domain name for a hub-page or Squidoo lens you may well lose the chance to register it, if someone else takes a shine to it.

Going back to the google keyword tool, I am going to input my 14 keywords I’m going to be targeting, I need my domain name to be keyword rich. And have good search volume to boot.

I will make a list of the possible, that I can make up using a combination of the 14 keywords. Now that’s done time to check them out see if any are still available to use. Ok after some time I have a corker, a little long but it’s keyword rich and as good search volume. It should serve me well.

10-30am Time to start the bum marketing articles.

I know nothing about war craft never played it in my life, so writing articles is no easy task, time to head back to the fan forums and do some copy and past notes, for inspiration. If I spend the day reading the fan forums and making notes I should come away with a good insight to how the game is played.

I will signup to the top most active ones and post as a newbi to the game. Most of the replies will give me some ideas for my articles on how to achieve something in the game, and a bonus will be, affiliates like me will start recommending guides that cover the questions I ask.

That will identify my competitors and if I follow their forum sig back to their landing page it will give me a general idea of their experience and campaign method, Remember when I mentioned trackers, well I don’t want to steel their campaign methods, but I do want to out market them to get to the top and dominate this micro niche. Since I don’t work weekends and this is going to be a day in the forums I will start writing Monday morning.

Monday morning 9am. Another week Bum Marketing

Friday I got a lot of questions answered, made a lot of notes and came away with a lot of information from the fan forums. It’s time to start writing I need 3 a day minimum to get this to work, my plan is write one a day for e-zines articles, 1 for articles to go and 1 for UAW which in fact will be 3 once I have finished over there. But the good news is I will get around 500 unique articles from that one sitting.

The next 3 weeks will be spent writing bum articles and link building, this is how I have my next 3 weeks planed out. M, W, F will be devoted to writing the articles, because I’m using UAW to bolster my submissions I can devote 2 days a week link building to my landing page, instead of doing one or two hours a day when I have time. If I get the results I will carry on with the campaign for six months or until I am happy with the sales.

I will keep to this plan religiously to make this campaign work, month after month until it’s profitable and running on autopilot. First goal is 2 sales a week, second goal is 4 a week.

Goal 3 is a sale a day and continue to build on that. Total time I will put into this campaign is 6 months. Once I know the converting keywords I will use them in a PPC campaign to up the sales and take more of the niche market.

Bum marketing is the best way to start earning money online, you don’t need to spend money on those fancy work at home opportunity web sites the gurus put up all over the web. There is no secret to earning a living on the web, just hard work to start with and dedication, it‘s simply a numbers game, the more you learn how to send targeted traffic the more you will earn.

The Bum Marketing snowball effect,

Even if you write the worst articles on planet internet, you will still in time create a bigger bum marketing snowball then you had the week before. It will just get bigger and bigger as time goes by. Let’s take a look at the worst case scenario. 1 article gets you 1 click a week, you write 3 a day over 5 days = 15, that’s In reality a lot of clicks a day.

Don’t believe me?

Ok. Here is the maths. well sort of.

    3 articles a day.

    M 3=3 clicks

    T 3+3=6

    W 6+3=9

    T 9+3=12

    F 12+3=15

    S 15

    SU 15


    Week 2.

    M 15+3=18

    T 18+3=21

    W 21+3=24

    T 24+3=27

    F 27+3=30

    S 30

    SU 30


    WEEK 3

    M 30+3=33

    T 33+3=36

    W 36+3=39

    T 39+3=42

    F 42+3=45

    S 45

    SU 45

    CLICKS=285+ 75+ 180 FROM WEEK 1 & 2 =540 TOTAL CLICKS

    WEEK 4

    M 45+3=48

    T 48+3=51

    W 51+3=54

    T 54+3=57

    F 57+3=60

    S 60

    SU 60

    CLICKS=390+ 75+ 180+285 FROM WEEK 1,2 & 3 = 930 TOTAL CLICKS

    2 Months = 1,860

    3 Months = 3,720

    4 Months = 7,440

    5 Months = 14,880

    6 Months = 29,760

As you can see the snow ball works pretty well even in the worst case. And of cause you need to remember you are dealing with people, some of your articles may not get any clicks to your landing page or vendor sales page.

Think of your articles as a gang of affiliate marketers all working to drive traffic to your product. Lets take off a percentage of the total 29.760 visits to the sales page. -50% 14,880 a month after 6 months work. 1.4 conversion rate = around 148 sales a month = 37 a week = 5.2 a day. Your commission = $35.00 per sale $182.00 a day $1,274 a week $5,096 a month. Give or take a decimal point.

Now you see what the secret is saturation, domination. Work hard for 2 years rinse and repeat and you will make wealth.

Now this takes time to learn and get right, SO If you are going to spend money on programs make sure it’s spent on educating or training your self in affiliate marketing.

Bum marketing will work for any type of product, digital, tangible shipped products, even those monthly subscription work from home opportunities web sites, where your only goal is to sell the program and get people below you. Learn how to market professionally and you can teach your down line to prosper along with you, in doing so your rise to the rich life is accelerated.

Learn it all with the Wealthy Affiliate University You won’t get rich over night, or will you sit around watching your money roll in to your bank account, it’s hard work to start but the rewards are well beyond what most people dream about.

Hope you enjoyed this little bum marketing tutorial and look out for the Video version of Bum marketing the wealthy affiliate way. Coming soon to a computer in front of you.

P.S The reason why people fail to earn is distraction, do not fall from your goals, stick to one product until you have conquered it, you need to think like a conquering war nation stick to your plans, show no mercy to your competitors, if you keep getting distracted with other products, stop opening your e-mail or just resist’s the temptation to buy and don‘t go looking for any on the web.

Only spend money if it teachers you something or helps your affiliate business.

All the Best Steve Wood Wealthy Affiliate Member.

Bum Marketing The Last Man Standing

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